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Certain serious crimes in California are charged as felonies. If the defendant is convicted of the crime, they can expect serious penalties, including jail time and fines. They will also face other collateral consequences of their conviction.

There are several options for jail sentences, depending on the severity of the crime. The defendant could receive a low, medium, or high term sentence. Most felonies are punished with medium-term sentences. Most felony crimes have a specific sentence spelled out in the statute. These sentences can be 16 months, two years, or three years.

Serious Felonies Lead to Longer Sentences

When the defendant is convicted of a violent crime that has caused injury or death, the sentence will be far greater. In addition, some crimes could have aggravating factors. For example, the sentence could be enhanced when the defendant is convicted of their third felony, and they have been convicted of violent crimes.

Felonies also result in fines of up to $10,000. While this could impose a substantial financial burden, this is often the least of the defendant’s worries when they are facing time in state prison or county jail.

Felonies do not automatically mean jail time for the defendant. While it is not common, the defendant may receive felony probation ordered by the court or in a plea agreement with the prosecutor. Then, the defendant could expect a 3-5 probation, with drug testing and regular meeting with a probation officer.

If you choose to enter into a plea bargain, your attorney may be able to negotiate for a lower sentence than if you were convicted at trial.

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