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Many spouses want to be done with their divorce as soon as possible, so they can turn a new page in their life. Under California law, the process will take time, even when the two spouses are able to agree on all issues.

There is a minimum waiting period of six months from the time that you file for divorce. The policy behind the waiting period is to give spouses time to think things over and potentially work out the issues between them. The spouses may not necessarily wait six months for the judge to hear the case and issue an order, but it would not be effective until the six-month mark. In some cases, everything could be over except for the waiting.

A Divorce Hearing Could Lengthen the Timeframe

The six-month period is even when the spouses are able to reach a settlement on their own without the involvement of the court. The process will take even longer if they cannot agree on certain issues. If the judge needs to decide issues like custody or property division, you can count on the process taking far longer. Divorce trials take time to schedule because of the court’s busy docket. In addition, the two parties would need to go through the entire trial process, including discovery.

While the six-month wait is mandatory, you could do things to make your divorce proceed more quickly. One step is to call an experienced lawyer who can help you negotiate a settlement agreement to keep the case out of court.

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