Sacramento California divorce lawyer

There is no singular “divorce process” that every case follows. Your divorce will be just as unique as your marriage, and how you resolve your case will depend on how you and your spouse are able to communicate, as well as the complexities involved. An experienced Marin County and Sacramento County divorce attorney can review your circumstances and advise you on the possible options for resolving your divorce.

Negotiation and Mediation

Many spouses are able to agree on all major issues out of court, which allows them to then file an uncontested divorce. Such issues include:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Community property division
  • Spousal support

While you might not agree on everything from the start, the right attorney can engage in informal negotiations with your spouse’s attorney. Having objective negotiators can often help you reach a middle ground regarding all relevant issues.

If negotiations are not successful regarding every issue, we can represent you while you engage in mediation. A mediator will sit down with you and your spouse and work to facilitate compromise. If you reach agreements on unresolved issues in mediation, we can review or draft your mediation agreement to ensure it is in line with your rights under the law. Following successful negotiations or mediation, you can present your agreement to the court, which is likely to approve it and grant your divorce.


If everything cannot be resolved properly, you might need to go to court for one or more issues. You need an aggressive litigator on your side who can present your case to the judge, who will then hopefully rule in your favor. Without the right representation at trial, you risk an unfavorable outcome, which can impact your future in many ways.

Let a Sacramento and Marin County Divorce Lawyer Protect Your Rights

At Mason Law Office, our Sacramento California divorce lawyer is known for our aggressive representation of our clients – both out of court and at trial. Contact us for help with your divorce case today.