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The holidays should be a time of celebration and joy, but for some, this time is disrupted by an arrest and criminal charges. Not only do certain crimes increase during the holiday season, but so does enforcement by police officers. If your holiday season comes to a halt due to an arrest, you should immediately reach out to a Marin County and Sacramento County criminal defense attorney.

Common arrests over the holidays include:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) – Holiday celebrations often involve alcohol, and police officers will be on hyper-lookout for potential drunk drivers. This can lead to more DUI arrests, some of which stem from wrongful traffic stops.
  • Theft crimes – Shoplifting increases during the holiday season when retail stores are usually packed with seasonal staff and customers. In addition, identity theft can happen more often, check or credit fraud, or even burglary of homes. Many arrests happen for a variety of theft crimes during the winter holiday months.
  • Domestic violence – The holidays are a stressful time, and many couples can have greater tension. Many people call 911 to report domestic violence, which often ends in an arrest. These allegations can be false or exaggerated, and anyone accused needs an aggressive defense.

If you are arrested for any of the above, you will likely spend some time in jail before you are released, or a bond is set. At this point, you should seek help from a criminal defense attorney who can review your circumstances, try to get any bond reduced or eliminated, and begin preparing to defend against your charges.

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