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Some divorcing couples may reconsider their decision at some point before the case is final. They may even have a change of heart after the paperwork has been filed with the court. It is never too late to stop the divorce from being finalized, so long as you file the appropriate paperwork with the court.

If the divorce process is underway, you would need to let the court know that you no longer wish to get divorced. All it takes is a simple form, and the court will dismiss your case without  , meaning that you can always refile your divorce in the future if you change your mind again. You are not locked into a divorce just because you filed the paperwork and negotiated a divorce agreement with your spouse.

Bear in mind that you would lose your place on the court’s docket if your case is dismissed, and you would need to start again from scratch as far as the court is concerned. There is a waiting period for a divorce once you file the complaint and serve it on the other party. That waiting period would also reset if you chose to file the divorce again in the future.

Therefore, you should be certain that you really want to cancel the divorce before you go through with filing the paperwork. You should still speak with an experienced family law attorney to learn the legal ramifications of canceling your divorce or putting it on hold before you make the final decision.

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