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There are times when it makes sense to enter a guilty plea in a criminal proceeding. You may be able to obtain a better legal outcome through a plea bargain than if you tried to fight the charges.

Initially, you would always plead not guilty to criminal charges no matter what. Your lawyer would get time to review your case and look to see if there are any weaknesses in the government’s case against you. At some point, your lawyer will have a conversation with you about your legal options.

There are definite risks to going to trial. Post-trial sentences can average three times as much as pre-trial sentences. While you always have the right to make your case to the jury, you may also want to consider making a deal with the prosecutor. They are people who have busy caseloads. Trials mean that they must devote a large amount of time to your case. They may be willing to offer a generous deal to win a conviction and move on to the next case.

Prosecutors will often offer a deal where you can plead guilty to lesser charges. For example, they may be willing to accept a misdemeanor plea as opposed to going to trial on a felony charge. They may recommend a lower jail sentence or none at all, although a judge would have the final say on a punishment. Nonetheless, you would still bear the same collateral consequences of a conviction after losing a trial.

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