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Spousal support depends entirely on the facts of your case. You would need to show that you meet the criteria for one of the recognized types of alimony. The court would look at both your own financial situation and that of your spouse to decide whether you should receive alimony and how much should be paid.

Alimony in California

In California, there are several types of alimony. They are:

  • Temporary spousal support – this is paid to the other spouse, and it has a time limit. This is usually awarded when one spouse needs time to get their own financial situation settled. It can stop at the divorce or continue for a limited duration afterward.
  • Permanent spousal support – this is awarded when the two spouses have a completely different earnings capacity and otherwise would experience a large disparity in their standards of living.
  • Lump-sum spousal support – by special agreement of the spouses, one pays the other a lump sum.

Alimony Awards Are Uncommon

For spousal support, there must be a difference in salaries and each spouse’s ability to make a living. The court awards this (or the spouses agree) because they want to level the playing field between the two spouses. They do not think it to be fair that one spouse lives far better than the other after the divorce because they make far more money.

Still, alimony awards are relatively rare today. You may get the same type of financial relief by getting a higher distribution of the marital estate based on earnings capacity.

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