Marin County Divorce Attorney

Thankfully, not all divorces are heated and contentious affairs. In some divorces, the spouses have agreed on all of the terms. At that point, there is nothing for them to dispute in court in front of a judge. They would file for an uncontested divorce, that the court would grant after a brief hearing. However, it may take some work to get to the point where both parties agree to all terms.

Initially, there are many areas that need to be ironed out in a divorce. They include:

  • Custody
  • Spousal support
  • Property division

With negotiation and compromise, the hope is that the two spouses can move towards an agreement.  This is the ideal scenario because it means that there is less contention, posturing and expense. It also helps the two spouses to have a better relationship after the divorce, which is especially important when they have children.

It Can Take Work to Reach an Uncontested Divorce

Even though an uncontested divorce sounds easy, it can be anything but to reach that outcome. Hiring an attorney can help you get the point of an uncontested divorce because they could negotiate on your behalf. They may also help with suggestions when you and your ex-spouse have a difference of opinion.

Once you reach an agreement, you will file the marital settlement agreement with the court along with the necessary forms. You may need to physically go in front of the judge, but there will not be any arguments. Usually, approval of the agreement is a formality unless there are terms in the agreement that are blatantly unfair or unconscionable.

Seek Help from a Sacramento and Marin County Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce attorney involved early in your case can increase the chances of your best possible legal outcome. Call a Sacramento or Marin County divorce attorney at the Mason Law Office at 833.717.1127 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.