Ending your marriage is an emotional decision that will change your life, and it can take time to firmly decide to file for divorce. Divorce is also a complicated legal process, however, and you can benefit from taking steps to prepare for a possible case. If you are even considering a divorce case, there are things you can do to help the case go smoothly and protect your rights and future.

Collect Information

You will need a lot of information to file for divorce, and it is wise to begin collecting this information as soon as possible. It can be preferable to collect it before your spouse knows about the divorce, as this can help prevent your spouse from hiding assets or attempting to gain an unfair advantage in other ways. Make sure you know about all of your property and assets, as well as have access to all of your financial accounts.

Consider Your Living Situation and Finances

Some spouses separate as soon as they decide to get divorced, but this is not always the best choice. Take time to consider whether you and your spouse can afford two housing payments with your collective income while your case is pending. Also, divorce can throw a wrench in your finances, so it might be wise to create a budget and avoid large purchases ahead of a divorce.

Contact a Sacramento County and Marin County Divorce Attorney

Even if you have not made a final decision, it is never too early to discuss your options and the divorce process with a divorce lawyer. At Mason Law Office, we can answer your questions and advise you on what to expect should you decide to move forward. Contact us online or call us in Sacramento County at (916) 587-2997 and in Marin County at (415) 326-6321.