Being on the receiving end of a divorce filing can be traumatic, even if you know that it is coming. How you handle the process can dictate how the divorce ultimately goes for you and your legal position.

Your first step should be to contact an experienced attorney. Being served with divorce papers is a difficult experience for anyone, and it can certainly spark emotions. You would need to detach yourself from the situation to the fullest extent possible and think rationally about what you may want in a divorce settlement or litigation. Realistically, you would need to compromise, as difficult as it may be for you.

When you first learn of the divorce filing, you should remain as calm as possible. You will have a limited period of time to respond to the filing. You would need to negotiate a marital settlement agreement or take your case in front of the judge. At the same time, you are also dealing with upheaval in your personal life.

You will need to anticipate your own situation and figure out how you can work within the best interests of your children (if you have them). You would also need to take stock of your own financial situation in order to figure out your own negotiating position and what you need.

Hiring an attorney can help you focus more on your personal life and dealing with the divorce itself. A lawyer can handle the details of your divorce and help you focus on what is important.

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