criminal defense

The holidays are full of laughter, stress, and shopping, but for some individuals, it is the perfect time to commit a crime. Among the chaos, you can be mistaken for committing a crime when you were not. Some of these crimes result in charges for innocent victims, which is why you need a Sacramento criminal defense attorney on your side. 

Watch Out For These Crimes

The holidays are notorious for crime and among the most common are:

  • Burglary: when someone breaks into a vehicle or home. Gift-giving and shopping are at the forefront of the holidays, but you should not be mistaken for stealing when loading your car.
  • Credit card theft or fraud: skimmers, stolen card numbers, and more are common types of credit card theft and fraud. You can be accused of fraud when reporting your card stolen, as companies are on high alert. 
  • Domestic violence: the holidays bring everyone together, and some arguments can arise. You can be arrested for domestic violence when you are defending yourself.
  • Identity theft: pretending to be someone else is a crime, but you might be using someone else’s card to purchase something with their permission resulting in an arrest.
  • Shoplifting: store employees can mistake you bringing bags into the stores as an attempt to shoplift.
  • Return fraud: stores are on high alert for returns without receipts and can mistake your genuine dislike for an item for return fraud.
  • Package theft: porch pirates are on the lookout, which leads to confusion and false accusations.

Hire The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer For You

We fight for innocent individuals and work to get you home in time for the holidays. You should not spend the holidays in jail for a crime you did not commit. You must contact the Mason Law Office immediately if you are arrested for a holiday crime. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer today.