Sacramento divorce lawyer

The holidays are fun and stressful, and adding divorce to the mix can complicate and ruin your month. There are benefits to waiting until after the holidays to make it official, but there are instances where you should not wait. Discuss your options with a Sacramento divorce attorney from the Mason Law Office. 

Benefits of Waiting

You are unhappy and ready to end the marriage, and no one wants to be in an unhealthy relationship longer than necessary. However, there are some benefits to waiting until the new year. One advantage is less stress because you do not have to explain what is happening to friends and families at social events. When there is less pressure, you can reach amicable agreements.

A significant contention in divorces is your finances, and waiting for the new year makes finances easier. The holidays bring extra expenses, and taxes for divorcees are complex. Waiting a few weeks helps you financially prepare and makes tax filings easier. You can end the year with your married taxes and begin the new year as a divorcee. Our Sacramento divorce lawyers can help you through this process.

Lastly, if you have children, it is challenging for them to see their parents separating during the holidays. They will feel stressed and will not enjoy the holidays now or in the future. When they look back, they will hate the holidays because that is when their parents split. 

Start the Process With a Sacramento Divorce Lawyer

There are many reasons you should not wait until after the holidays to divorce, like safety, timing, less awkwardness at family functions, and avoiding false hope. If you decide to wait until after the holidays for your divorce, you can begin the process now by speaking with a Sacramento divorce lawyer from the Mason Law Office. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.