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When people are arrested and charged with driving under the influence, they are concerned about the consequences they may face. One of the most common questions that we are asked when contacted by new clients is whether they can go to jail for a DUI offense. The answer to that question is yes, but it does not always happen.

A DUI is a criminal offense, and the law provides for a possible jail sentence, even after the first arrest. Much depends on the circumstances of the alleged offense. For example, if someone else suffered serious bodily harm or you were driving well above the legal limit, you would be more likely to go to jail if convicted. Most first-offense DUI convictions would not result in jail time. Hiring an experienced lawyer could increase the chances that you would avoid jail, especially if you negotiated a plea agreement.

The chances of going to jail increase if you have been convicted of multiple DUI offenses. For example, a second DUI conviction is punished with no less than 96 hours of jail time, and the penalty may increase depending on the circumstances. The steep penalties for a second offense may give you more of an incentive to fight the charges the first time that you have been stopped for DUI.

In addition to worrying about jail time, you should also focus on other effects of your conviction. Having a conviction on your record could complicate the rest of your life, and you would lose your driver’s license for an extended period of time.

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