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This past year, California Highway Patrol officers arrested 244 people for DUI offenses on New Year’s Eve. This is in addition to arrests made by local police departments. This day has one of the highest numbers of DUI arrests because of the sheer number who are out drinking.

California Highway Patrol Runs Sweeps

Police officers are out in force on New Year’s Eve to make arrests. They often run sting operations around the holidays, peaking on New Year’s Eve. In part, they are out to keep the roadways safe for everyone else. Police know that many will not opt for a designated driver or an Uber. They are lying in wait where you may not even expect them.

New Year’s Eve is just part of a 30-hour enforcement program over the entire New Year’s holiday. Even though officers are out in force, it does not reduce the high number of DUI fatalities on New Year’s Eve. These are continuing to increase, notwithstanding officers’ enforcement efforts.

Many Arrests Could Mean Police Mistakes

Because officers are intent on making arrests during high-risk periods, they may take shortcuts or make mistakes just to apprehend a suspect. Officers may mishandle key evidence or violate your rights in other ways. Just because you have been stopped does not mean that you do not have a defense to the charges. You may decide to fight the charges or to try to negotiate a plea deal. Either way, you should call an attorney right after you have been arrested to mount the most effective defense.

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