divorce mediation attorney

Most divorce cases will end with a settlement agreement. Some couples may need to go to greater lengths than others to negotiate an acceptable solution. They may have difficulty getting on the same page because they do not want to compromise. Mediation is a way of getting help to resolve differences and facilitating discussions between the two spouses. Mediators can assist in resolving both financial and custody disputes.

Even when they have attorneys, the two spouses may have trouble communicating and reaching an agreement. They may start with unrealistic positions, or they may not want to compromise at all. In reality, negotiating a marital separation agreement is a give-and-take. Not everyone gets everything that they want.

A mediator is an objective third party. They do not have the decision-making power to issue rulings. Their sole aim is to help move the parties towards an agreement. They may start by finding easy areas where the spouses can agree to build confidence and help establish momentum. The mediator can help keep negotiations going when the two spouses reach a more difficult phase of negotiations.

Mediation is an investment of time and money for both spouses. They would have to agree to the process because they must both participate fully in it. However, the costs of a trial could be far more, both monetarily and in terms of stress and bitterness. If the two spouses are having difficulty in their talks, they should get the help of a trained professional who helps bridge gaps in positions in difficult negotiations.

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