divorce case

The three primary issues in any divorce case involving children are:

  • Where they will live and spend their time
  • Who will make decisions on their behalf
  • How will the children be supported

In every divorce case, the primary concern is the children. The court would place their interests first, ahead of those of the parents. In any of the issues described above, the court would apply the best interest of the child standard.

The goal is for both parents to be involved and spend time with the children. However, not every set of parents is able to work together for the good of the children effectively. The disagreements may be too intractable, or the parents may be on two completely separate pages. The custody is contested, the court may aim to have some type of joint arrangement. Even if one parent gets primary physical custody, the other parent will usually have visitation rights. The preference for joint custody is both in physical and legal instances.

In determining issues of child support, California courts will look to statutory guidelines to calculate the obligations of the paying parent. Child support is a right that belongs to the children, and it cannot be waived. In addition to the monthly payments that one parent may need to make, there are also other issues of support that could include extracurricular activities and other expenses. Parents may often disagree about various inputs into the child support calculation and What expenses may need to be incurred on behalf of the children.

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