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Divorce in California does not happen overnight. Not only is there a six-month waiting period for a divorce, but there are a number of things that must happen legally before the court can enter the divorce order.

The divorce case begins when one spouse files a Petition of Dissolution with the court. That starts the six-month time period. When one spouse files the Petition, the other spouse will have 30 days to respond to it. If there are no issues to decide, and the two spouses do not have any disagreements, they can request that the court enter a judgment after the six-month period elapses.

There may be some immediate issues that the court may need to decide. For example, the two spouses may not agree about child support or custody matters in the interim, one party can file an Order to Show Cause, and a judge would hold a hearing about these issues sooner.

Divorce cases can last for much longer than just the six-month period. This time period assumes that everyone is in agreement. If there are long-term custody disputes or disagreements about property, the case could last for years. The judge could hold a final divorce trial that decides all matters in dispute.

Divorce trials are very rare, but the case could still last beyond the six-month period. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney could actually increase the chances that you may reach a marital settlement agreement. Your lawyer will give you commonsense legal advice tailored to your own situation.

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