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No matter which jurisdiction files a white collar criminal charge against you, it is a serious matter. There are some differences between federal and state charges.

Federal white collar charges are more common than those on the state level. The federal government has a strong arsenal of charges that they can file that can even criminalize a phone call or email if it has the necessary intent. The federal government also has charges that it can file for false statements to law enforcement or impeding an investigation.

Where the alleged crime is prosecuted depends on where it occurred. If it happens solely within state lines, the state prosecutors may be the ones to prosecute it. However, if the alleged crime involved a federal benefits program, the federal government would handle it. Similarly, if the alleged behavior crossed state lines, it becomes part of the federal jurisdiction.

The federal government may choose to get involved, depending on the complexity of the case. The Feds have far more resources and specialized knowledge of white collar crimes. There are entire units devoted to prosecuting these offenses. White collar criminal cases are highly complex, and they require extensive investigation, something that may be better done on the federal level.

However, the federal government may not always take on a white collar investigation because these are very resource-intensive cases. Once they choose to prosecute a case, it requires an entire team of prosecutors and experts to see the case through to the end.

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