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Penalties for Drug Possession In California

Marin County Criminal Defense Attorney

While California has liberalized drug laws, possession charges can still carry a stiff sentence. This will have consequences in the short-term and long run. Now, possession of a controlled substance is no longer a felony in California. It is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in prison. This includes drugs like: Heroin Cocaine Morphine Prescription drugs In…

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What are Your Miranda Rights?

Marin County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Anybody who has watched a television show or movie knows about the suspect being told that they have the right to remain silent. Practically every observer, even those without law degrees, can recite these lines by heart. This is also known as Miranda Rights, and there is a legal purpose behind this. These rights come from the Supreme Court…

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Types of Theft Crimes

Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

Theft is a crime that can be charged numerous ways in California, depending on how much was allegedly taken and how. The penalties for these crimes can vary. How they are charged also depends on the prosecutor and the actions of your own attorney. Here are some of the theft crimes in California. Petty theft is the most minor…

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Can You Receive Alimony?

Marin County Divorce Lawyer

Spousal support depends entirely on the facts of your case. You would need to show that you meet the criteria for one of the recognized types of alimony. The court would look at both your own financial situation and that of your spouse to decide whether you should receive alimony and how much should be paid. Alimony in California…

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What is an Uncontested Divorce?

Marin County Divorce Attorney

Thankfully, not all divorces are heated and contentious affairs. In some divorces, the spouses have agreed on all of the terms. At that point, there is nothing for them to dispute in court in front of a judge. They would file for an uncontested divorce, that the court would grant after a brief hearing. However, it may take some…

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Can You Get Arrested at a Traffic Stop?

traffic stop

There is no doubt that seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror is stressful, but the situation becomes significantly more serious if the traffic stop ends with you in handcuffs. Many people would not expect to get arrested after getting pulled over, but the reality is that it happens all the time. If you get arrested, you need a…

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Do You Need a Child Custody Modification?

child custody modification

When parents initially get a child custody order, it sets out the specific schedules and other details of how they will share custody. An arrangement that worked when the order was issued might not work as well if circumstances change. We all know that as time passes and children get older, schedules and other aspects of life can change…

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How Should You Prepare for a Divorce?


Ending your marriage is an emotional decision that will change your life, and it can take time to firmly decide to file for divorce. Divorce is also a complicated legal process, however, and you can benefit from taking steps to prepare for a possible case. If you are even considering a divorce case, there are things you can do…

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